August 12, 2011
LCD or Plasma

Buying a new TV ain't what it used to be—there are a lot more choices and features to think about than yesteryear, when the only decision you needed to make was screen size. Among the most common questions I'm asked these days is, "Should I get an LCD or plasma flat-panel TV?" If you want […]

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August 4, 2011
World's smallest battery will put power everywhere

(Credit: Rice University) Researchers have built a battery that's six times thinner than a bacterium. The microscopic power pack could be used to run all sorts of minuscule electronic devices, including sensors that spy on single cells. Does this mean we'll start seeing commercials for the Energizer bacterium? At 150 nanometers wide, the nano battery is […]

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August 1, 2011

Click here to find out more about the SONOS PLAY:3 July 20, 2011 Looking for a very simple all-in-one streaming music player? Sonos just launched the PLAY:3, a wireless music player that can access your iTunes library, NAS drive, 100,000 Internet radio stations plus all the popular music streaming services including Pandora, and now […]

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