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The world of electronics is always changing.  New technologies are released everyday.  It can be confusing, time consuming, and difficult trying to stay informed and up-to-date with all of the different technologies and terminologies.

When you purchase a new television, it needs to be properly installed or mounted, and connected to devices such as a cable or satellite receiver, DVD player, stereo system, and gaming console. Whether you're interested in flat panel mounting options, whole-house audio systems, or rigging up your latest games console, Sterling Home Theater is here to help.  Audio video equipment is not cheap, we will ensure you get the best performing system possible for your budget and needs.

Sterling Home Theater will work with you to understand what you want to achieve and develop a plan to make it happen.  We provide you with a better understanding of your entertainment options, as well as review any potential roadblocks.

Whenever you buy the components for a home theater, you want to have them installed by a professional who knows how to properly mount, connect, and set everything up. Having your system set up by Sterling Home Theater will save you the time and trouble of reading manuals and struggling with tangled wires so you can start enjoying your new system sooner.

Our installation professionals will:

Secure the mounting bracket to the wall or entertainment unit if applicable

Mount and secure your flat-panel TV or position standard TV on surface of choice

Connect the TV power cord to an existing AC power outlet (power cords cannot be concealed in-wall).

Attach cables from the TV to all components (cable or satellite box, DVD Player, Stereo, etc...)

Ensure all in-wall cable exit points are finished with a specialized wall plate

Ensure all wires and cables are neatly dressed and wire ties are used when necessary

Set up remote control allowing unit to control the other components

Set up parental controls if applicable

Connect digital TV converter box if applicable

Set up your audio receiver to operate up to a 7.2 surround system

Verify that all speakers are properly positioned and working

Conceal wires safely and in accordance with current building code

Speaker Setup

Hear your movies and TV shows the way they were intended by having Sterling Home Theater install your surround sound system.  We will connect your speakers so you can get the most out of your sound system.

Our installation professionals will:

Set up your speaker system receiver and/or subwoofer to operate up to a 7.2 surround system

Verify that all speakers are properly positioned and working

Ensure that all wires and cables are neatly dressed and wire ties are used when necessary

Front Projector Installation

If you want the largest image possible, then a front-mounted projector is for you.

Our installation professionals will:

Mount projector to ceiling or wall, depending upon room layout

Attach and conceal cables from the projector to a tuner, A/V source components, or cable connection by routing cable through a standard frame wall

Projector Screen Installation

Get the best images from your new projector by having Sterling Home Theater install and set up a projector screen.

Our installation professionals will:

Secure mounting bracket(s) to wall or ceiling

Mount the projector screen to wall to ensure peak viewing conditions

Align projector within the screen viewing area to ensure full visibility with zero picture loss.

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